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Why incur unnecessary high associate salaries and costs for every assignment?

I do the research and drafting and  preparation of the highest-quality Florida legal work product for you and your client at a fraction of the costs of associate salaries and  the resulting overhead so you can clear your desk  and focus your valuable time and energy on creating greater business opportunities, while enhancing your clients' satisfaction and your profits.


The Value of Experience

My name is James Fierberg. I recently completed 20 years of commercial practice at such Florida legal powerhouses as Berger Singerman and Akerman. Prior to moving to Florida,  I practiced virtually all aspects of commercial law for 15 years in Western Massachusetts in connection with my representation of regional lending institutions.

As an AV Preeminent ™ rated  lawyer with over three decades of complex commercial litigation experience, crisis management, research, writing, mediation, negotiation and problem-solving skills, and over a decade of law school teaching, I can assure your ultimate satisfaction, no matter how simple or complex the assignment. 

Florida Freelance Flex Law provides you with the highest confidence that your assignments or projects will be completed in a timely, highly-skilled, efficient and professional manner- at a competitive cost that makes sense. 


Something Extra

In  ABA Formal Opinion 08-451,* the ABA acknowledged the value of outsourcing and your ability to charge a reasonable fee for the costs of outsourcing work to another lawyer.

By engaging Florida Freelance Flex Law, you realize the triple benefit of freeing up your valuable time and that of your colleagues, having your clients' matters addressed by a highly skilled, licensed, experienced commercial Florida lawyer, while lowering your overhead and increasing your profits.

 The net results are more satisfied clients, more business opportunities and the comfort in knowing that your clients' matters are being completed in a timely and highly skilled manner.

* Florida Freelance Flex Law makes no representation about the scope of the ABA's Formal Opinions.


Consult with Me

Over 34 years, there is not very much I have not seen in my practice-from the mundane, to the incredibly complex,  to the absolutely absurd. 

Through it all, I have been blessed with the ability to quickly separate the wheat from the chafe, identify the issues, filter out the noise, ask the hard questions and help my clients find common sense, highly creative, business driven, long-term solutions-at the lowest possible cost.

Stuck? Everyone gets stuck on a problem at sometime in their careers. Let me help you to strategize, work through issues and help you deliver optimum client service. Run it by me. If there is an alternative way to look at a problem, Together, we can find it.

Wisdom takes hands on experience and lots of years. Why not benefit from mine?

 Now providing Young Lawyer Mentoring. Visit our blog at: lawyer-mentor-me.org 


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